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Underfloor Heating

Ebeco is one of Scandinavia's leading companies in the electric underfloor heating industry.  Ebeco is not only a leader in the field of underfloor heating but also frost protection and many other heating solutions for both residential and industrial applications. Ebeco specialises in developing user-friendly products for both professional and domestic markets.
Thin and easily installed heating cable mat
The Ebeco Thermoflex Kit contains all you need for quick, simple installation of underfloor heating under a tiled or natural stone floor. Thermoflex is a self-adhesive heating cable mat in the form of vinyl mesh with heating cable attached to it at a specific spacing. This unique design gives a system which is easy to lay and which guarantees reliable underfloor heating for many years.
Ebeco Thermoflex Kit
Ebeco Thermoflex Kit includes the EB-therm 350 digital thermostat. This thermostat is programmable, which means that you can set times and temperatures just the way you want. This gives you scope for optimal energy saving.

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