Titan International



Titan International's Services Department is entrusted with the responsibility of dealing with the service matters of Titan International Ltd. and provides assistance to the firm’s customers. The Services Department takes care of repairing or exchanging faulty products, responds to queries, and may follow up sales with a customer satisfaction survey.

Business Aims and Structure

The department has three different but interdependent sections; the corrective section, the preventive section and finally the commissioning section.

The Corrective Section provides the after sales service for Titan’s products; the main focus is on the air-conditioning, heating and ventilation products which company retails and/or installs.  The department also provides after sales services for other air-conditioning brands (mainly on split units, Variable Refrigerant Flow units VRFs, and chillers) which do not belong to Titan’s portfolio, but we are entrusted to service/repair by our clientele.

The Preventative Section aims to provide preventive maintenance services. This includes taking all the necessary preventive measures to ensure that HVAC’s stay running smoothly. The department also provides maintenances which includes mechanical and electrical services, namely; electrical panel testing, emergency light testing, cold and hot water maintenance.

The Commissioning Section provides the starting up and handing over of equipment/project installed by the Contracts or RLC dept. to the final client.  Also this section provides and internal bridge between the mentioned two departments and the service department.

Market Zones 

Currently the department is appointed with the following sectors

  • Banks

  • Office Buildings

  • Schools

  • Private Clinics

  • Hospitals and Community Homes

  • Hotels

  • Data Centres

  • Manufacturing Plants

  • Clean Rooms

  • Residential Homes