About Us

Titan International Ltd. forms part of the renowned Mizzi Organization, one of the oldest and strongest family concerns on the island. With foresight, in the late sixties, it was identified that a new company was required for the Mizzi Group to venture into new concerns, then just emerging and newcomers to Malta.

Titan International is an established company with over 40 years’ experience. Its main area is that of mechanical and electrical engineering contractors, specialising in the installation of industrial and domestic air-conditioning systems and lifts. Other activities include the importation, wholesaling, retailing and installation of electrical components, under-floor heating, air extractors, power tools and domestic appliances.

Titan International Ltd. was registered in May 1968 as a further offshoot of this company. For many immigrants settling in the islands, air-conditioning was a necessity and Titan was already offering this service before the advent of the seventies, right in the middle of the so-called building boom.

For those for whom air-conditioning was a luxury, Titan even offered the service of air-conditioning rental for the summer months. Titan continued with its main alignment being the domestic and light commercial sector throughout the seventies and eighties.

The nineties brought about a radical rethink and Titan was restructured, becoming one of the first service companies to be run by engineers, a policy it holds strong to this day. This active restructuring coupled with a more aggressive stance put Titan in the niche it holds today.

To be recognised as the leader in the provision of building services for comfort and safety of the community and the individual in his home.

The company is mainly divided into six different areas of business.

  • Contracts Department – Main Commercial M&E Projects
  • Air Conditioning Department – Light Commercial and Domestic Business
  • Lifts & Escalators Department – Lifts Design Requirements
  • Sales Department – Wholesale and Retail Department
  • After Sales Service Department – Preventive and On-going Maintenance
  • Administration & Finance Department

Titan International employs an average of 200 personnel.