Marine Air Conditioners

Explore premium range of Marine Air Conditioners – Engineered for Luxury Boating! Discover our diverse selection of units, each designed for optimal efficiency, easy installation, and durability. Our air conditioners feature advanced safety sensors, high-efficiency compressors, and rust-resistant materials, ensuring reliable performance in marine environments. With compact designs and comprehensive seawater cooling systems, our units are perfect for enhancing comfort on your boat. Choose TopAire for state-of-the-art cooling solutions that promise quality, innovation, and unmatched maritime comfort.

Here's the full range of our Marine Air Conditioners that are available;

The below table explains the size of the AC available for your boat as well as the duct and grille sizing chart by BTU/hr Capacity

Self-contained Unit (BTU/hr) Duct Ø (In/mm) Return-Air Grille (ft²/cm²) Supply-Air Grille (ft²/cm²)
MSC06 6,000BTU/hr 4" 100mm 64/413 32/206
MSC08 8,000BTU/hr 4" 100mm 98/632 49/316
MSC10 10,000BTU/hr 4" 100mm 100/645 60/387
MSC12 12,000BTU/hr 6" 150mm 130/839 70/452
MSC16 16,000BTU/hr 6" 150mm 160/1,032 80/516
MSC18 18,000BTU/hr 7" 175mm 200/1,290 100/645
MSC24 24,000BTU/hr 8" 200mm 240/1,548 140/903
MSC30 30,000BTU/hr 8" 200mm 280/1,806 160/1,032
MSC36 36,000BTU/hr 8" 200mm 360/2,323 196/1,265

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Check out the full catalogue that explains in more detail about our top of the range Marine Air Conditioners.

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Welcome to the cool world of our Marine Air Conditioners. Our TOPHVAC Marine Air Conditioners, where luxury meets efficiency in the high seas. Designed for the discerning mariner, our state-of-the-art air conditioners ensure a cool, comfortable, and refreshing environment on board. Our units boast compact, lightweight designs for easy installation, even in the most challenging spaces. With a range of capacities to suit various boat sizes, from cozy yachts to grand vessels, TOPHVAC offers versatile solutions tailored to your marine air conditioning needs.

Our innovative technology includes reverse cycle models for cooling and heating, ensuring optimal comfort regardless of the season. We prioritize safety and durability, incorporating rust-resistant components and advanced sensors in every unit. The high-efficiency spiral double tube condensers guarantee an exceptional heat exchange rate, maximizing energy efficiency. Plus, the flexibility of our systems extends to customizable air outlets and user-friendly controls with large LCD displays and optional remote operation.

Choose TOPHVAC for a seamless integration of sophistication and performance, enhancing your marine experience with unparalleled comfort. Our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction makes us the premier choice for marine air conditioning. Stay cool, sail further – with TopAire, every journey is a breeze.